SJC Long Island Campus Ministry

SJC Long Island Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry of St. Joseph's College helps instill integrity, service, social responsibility and intellectual and spiritual values into the College community.

Through our community outreach and reverence for the sacred, St. Joseph's College Campus Ministry participates in the creation of a world with respect and dignity for all.

Campus Conversations

Through our Campus Conversations YouTube program, we have the opportunity to learn more about members of the SJC community. It’s a great way to get to know the individuals who make this college so special. Watch via YouTube.

Awe & Wonder Podcast

This podcast offers “deep dive” conversations into topics of spiritual life, community, social justice and more. The podcast is an opportunity to hear great conversations that will hopefully make you think and smile at the good in our world. Let us together find joy through these dynamic conversations. Listen via Spotify or YouTube.


Traditionally, we celebrate Mass twice a week in our Chapel in O’Connor Hall. However, due to COVID-19 and the intimate size of our chapel, we are not able to host Mass weekly. We were fortunate enough to have an outdoor “Welcome Back Mass” this semester and we plan to hold two more Masses during the fall semester in a location where we can properly social distance.

Donations and Service

Due to COVID-19, we cannot participate in acts of service as we usually do. However, we are open to receiving donations from students, which we can safely bring to our community service partners. Please stay tuned to your emails for updates on specific donation initiatives

Spiritual Direction

Are you struggling with school and life during this time? Do you wish to talk about the “bigger questions” of life and spirit? Campus Ministry is here to offer spiritual direction and guidance. Through confidential sessions, we can offer nonjudgmental, compassionate and deep dialogue. All are welcome. 

If you would like to meet with Cristian Murphy, director of Campus Ministry, for spiritual direction, please feel free to reach out and set up an appointment, virtually or in-person.

Bible Study

Would you like to learn more about the scripture of our faith? Join us for Bible Study Zoom calls. Through these calls, we will dive into small portions of scripture and work to understand the history, context and spiritual meaning of the text. Please take a look at this YouTube conversation of what a Bible Study can be like. (Please note that Bible Studies are not recorded and this video was a special, planned circumstance.)


For any and all questions, please feel free to reach out to Cristian Murphy, director of Campus Ministry, via the information below.

Cristian Murphy
Director of Campus Ministry
Phone: 631.687.1467
Fax: 631.447.1734
[email protected]
O'Connor Hall, Student Hospitality Lounge Room 4